Creating Profitable Mermaid Brands Through Smart Social Media Marketing

Hey there, mermaid!

I see you trying to make your way in this sea-kingdom full of all those “millions of fish in the sea…

But you don’t have to struggle to find your way anymore. I’m here to help!

Ready to learn the proper and effective way to market yourself through social media?

Before we dive in, I have a present for you!

Growing your brand through social media is so important, especially as a mermaid…

Hashtags are one of the best ways to do that…but are you accidentally using ineffective tags in your posts?

Learn from a professional social media strategist that has been interviewed by Facebook for her innovative work in the field and grab these top tips on using hashtags effectively + a list of the best tags you can use as a mermaid right now!

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How do some mermaids make a living from their mermaid brand while others struggle while juggling three different jobs?

The answer is smart social media marketing.
But knowing what to post, what to write, and how to interact can be hard, not to mention overwhelming. Then throw in the social media algorithms that are constantly changing and killing our organic reach…it can almost seem hopeless.
Social media doesn’t have to be a popularity contest, though.
I’ve been hardcore-studying this industry for years to the point where big companies like Facebook have recognized me for my innovative work in the field. I’ve worked with bestselling authors, award-winning photographers, and now professional mermaids for years and have seen incredible success as these students have built their businesses up brands through smart and strategic social media marketing by using these easy-to-implement tactics.
Prior to taking the 101 course with K.M. Robinson, I was floundering with social media, but after I think the results can speak for themselves. Top in searches, the highest interaction & engagement I’ve ever received and a successful business to boot. Any entrepreneur who is struggling MUST take this course! You won’t regret it.” –Elissa Carr
Over the years, I’ve honed this process and have seen such incredible engagement that the social platforms are pimping my brands out to people who have never heard of me before without spending money on ads (though that never hurts!)
If you’re ready to grow your profitable mermaid brand, I’m ready to help and show you how to make this so much simpler.
You ready, mermaid?

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I don’t think it’s enough just to create great tutorials and content for my mermaids…I’m all about the live interaction.

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Meet K.M. Robinson

Awww, you like me! Or, at least, you’re interested in knowing who under the sea I am…well, I’m happy to meet you, mer friend.

I’m a professional Social Media Strategist that has been interviewed my Facebook for my innovative work in the field, has appeared on a major broadcast for World Social media Day, and speaks at events, conventions, etc on social media marketing and how to do it without sounding slimy.

I’m also a professional photographer and bestselling young adult author who frequently gets compared to The Hunger Games and Divergent.

My goal is to help you build a profitable mermaid brand in an easy, effective, and engaging way.

Want to make your Facebook workflow easier?

Let's do it the RIGHT way!

There’s a right and wrong way way to automate your Facebook page, and if you do it wrong, you could lose your organic reach.

Want the facts?

Mermaid Interviews

Did you know we interview mermaids and mermen on Facebook Live?

If you think you’re a good fit for an interview with Mermaid Current, send me an email and let me know why we should hang out with you on air.

Make sure you watch at least a few of my interviews before you write in.

My goal is to get your more exposure, video that you can use to promote yourself, and position you as a leader in the mermaid industry, so I’ll definitely be doing my research on you before I bring you on for your own episode. Be sure to send me your website, social media links, and anything else I’ll need to see who you are as a mermaid!

Can’t wait to hear from you!


The Talk Show

The weekly live broadcast show will be starting up soon and I’m going to be looking for a co-host.

I’m not releasing audition information yet, but now is a good time to start thinking about befriending me, interacting on social media, working on your talk show skills, and what you might like to say in your audition video for Round 1 to get me to invite you to a Round 2 on air audition.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, you just have to be available to be on air every week at a specific time. I’m looking for a charismatic, friendly, involved mermaid to join me on air!

Are you my new co-host?

I’m the bestselling author of The Siren Wars Saga, The Sinking (A Little Mermaid Retelling) and many other retelling, dystopian, sci-fi, and fantasy young adult books.

The Siren Wars Saga recently hit #74 out of every book in existence on Amazon, The Golden Trilogy hit #7 out of every book in existence on Amazon, and several of my other series have hit #1 in their categories and in the Top 100 in their genres.

Tail Unboxing

Do you know how to do them effectively?

Tips to Improve Your Unboxings

1.) Cut the box open before you go on air. You have less than ten seconds to get viewer’s attention before they scroll away and fiddling to cut a box open is an easy way to lose them.

2.) Explain what you’re doing as you are doing it. Most people will have on idea what you’re seeing or what’s important about the tail you’re holding up. Break it down for them.

3.) Avoid gaps of silence. If no one is asking questions, take the opportunity to talk about the quality of the tail, who made it, where they can find it, or why you’re excited!

4.) Keep it short and sweet. If the tail company wants to share your video, their fans (and yours) don’t want to hear you babble. Get to the point, show off the tail, go off air. If you want to do a Q&A, make that a separate video.


I love speaking at events, both in person, on live broadcasts, and even on podcasts.

I’d love to hear from you if you’d like to have me speak at your event!

Be sure to catch me at Mer-Magic Con this Feb.

Stuck on dry land, mermaid?

Be sure to join our weekly live broadcasts to learn how to market your mermaid brand even when you aren’t by the ocean or a pool!

Are You Ready For Mermaid Bio Bootcamp?

Did you know there is a difference between a biography and a back story…or that you need both in your mermaid brand?

Did you know there is a right and a wrong way to write a brand biography and if you do it wrong, it will cost you business?

Now what if I told you there was a super easy way to write all of the different types of biographies you need (because there’s more than one) that is both engaging and actionable and will position you to get hired more as a mermaid performer…would you want a step-by-step guide for that?

On sale for only $19.99 (originally $45)

If you want to make money as a mermaid, it’s essential that you have a professional brand website. No one will take you seriously without one because if you aren’t even investing into your business, why would someone else?

In this four module course, I’m breaking down everything you need to have on your mermaid website + giving you some bonuses to make it a reality.

I’ve been a professional web design for a decade and a half and a professional brander/marketer for  a decade, so I’ve learned everything you need to know and am breaking it down step-by-step for you to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

How To Market Your Mermaid Brand On Social Media While At A Mermaid Convention (without drowning your fans in photos)

Are you going to a mermaid convention soon? 

You want to use this opportunity to remind your fans that you’re a professional mermaid they should be paying attention to, but you also don’t want to sound like a slimy sales pitch.

More than that, you want to be effective in your postings and use the Facebook and Instagram algorithms to your benefit.

Here’s a photo and caption action plan guide + checklist to make sure your marketing is perfect!

Thanks so much for joining me, fabulous mermaid!

Mermaid Current only just launched, so I’m building out more trainings, webinars, courses, PDFs, videos, live broadcasts, and more to help you grow a profitable mermaid brand. Be sure to join the newsletter for exclusive times and tricks, as well as follow me on social media for all the big updates on how you can grow your brand through social media.

If you’ve got questions or need help in a certain area of social media, send me an email and I’ll be happy to add it to the list of content I’m creating for you!

Catch you on social media!

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson, social media strategist at Mermaid Current



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